Wednesday, November 6, 2019

#IWSG: To post or Not to Post ?

IWSG: a place where writers and friends share woes or hugs.
Welcome to mine!

There was a time when I was a savvy blogger. Someone once said I had great web presence. Then I had child #5 and all that went downhill. It takes a lot for me to keep up with this blog with just posting once a month!

I've missed twice in a row a few times and have re-entered my name into the IWSG list a few times. Not proud, but it happens. Ha ha. Then I come across people on that list who don't post at all and I wonder why I don't have that same luck? Why don't the IWSG gods oversee my accidental neglect as they do theirs?

I feel stuck. I suppose my attitude tells me I'm probably not really ready for entering the blogging world again--it takes a good few hours of my day. I feel stretched thin but feel it's important with keeping my finger on the pulse of presence! Or am I fooling myself?

How do you juggle blogging, writing, and real life? What's your formula?

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

#IWSG Lone Wolf-itis

IWSG: a place where writers and friends share woes or hugs.
Welcome to mine!

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I have a problem that I struggle with and it's being a lone wolf. I'm the wolf that wanders the wild countryside, feeling forlorn as the rest of the pack frolics in the streambed while I look on. Yet, when I am called to join, I suddenly feel shy and resistant.

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This is the way it is with my writing. On social media, many of my writerly peers gather and share and swap while I look on. I do feel left out as I watch from the borders. However, if I'm invited to join the group as a whole I feel caught and bound.

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Another instance is the critique group: I love hearing about the camaraderie and friendships borne and nurturing that happens there. I watch with envy and yes, you guessed it: The moment I'm invited I have a slew of concerns I'm immediately faced with: 

1- I struggle with just doing 10 pages at a time, especially when I have a stash of completed novels. 

2- Can't we just swap entire books? Because my mind works one book at a time when critiquing, not in tiny segments which drives me absolutely bonkers! (Yes, that means I'm willing to swap entire novels with a single partner as well.)

3- Dividing my work with 2 people or more feels too much for me, especially when I relish the idea of hoarding a single person's attention all to myself (critique partner anyone?).

4- Most of the time, a person in a group doesn't want to meet on an individual basis, feeling it's not worth their time. Really? The power of one is fabulous--think of a tutor with a student. Right?

I'm sure there's more but I can't think of any right now...

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I realize that I'm an introvert by nature. I thrive with a dedicated writing partner who takes me and my work seriously (and in turn, I am just as loyal and dedicated). I love soundboarding ideas, working through writer's block (I'm good at helping with detangling sticky block messes), cheering and encouraging and carrying, I love the idea of getting together on a regular basis just to write in silence. Ha! I make a good writing coach and partner. Who will take me seriously and not give up? In all the 20+ years I've been writing, I've yet to find someone who fits this. I can't be the only person out there who's this weird!

Am I?

(this video fits me--haha!)


How do you go about writing? Are you a lone wolf? Are you a social butterfly? How do you handle 10 pages at a time with critique groups? Do you ever feel the need of having one dedicated writing partner?

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

#IWSG: Movies v. Books

IWSG: a place where writers and friends share woes or hugs.
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I have a complaint about movies.

We see someone shoot a gasoline spill which in turns blows up the gas station. We see a young girl beat up three grown men. A man hurls himself off a building and survives to beat the hero another day. 

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If we wrote those scenes into our books, why is it not acceptable and why is it that viewers of motion pictures are more willing to suspend belief? 

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We authors get lynched for not connecting the dots to logic’s dictation and I find that very annoying. 

Anyone else noticed the same? Or feel the same?

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

IWSG: Social Media Blues

IWSG: a place where writers and friends share woes or hugs.
Welcome to mine!

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I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. My initial reason for setting my account there was for business, but since my 7-year author sabbatical, I've lost much of my fanbase and online presence. This wasn't of my own choosing but here I am.

I'm slowly reemerging and Facebook is my main door to online presence. 

I know many authors haven't touched Facebook with an eyelash bat. For the most part, it's what I'm familiar with. I could reevaluate my views/strategy regarding Facebook and approach it differently--how do you do it?

If you haven't touched Facebook, I'd love to know your reasons. If you're on Facebook, what do you like or don't like about it? What works for you? How do you make it work for you?

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

IWSG: My issue with Web Building

IWSG: a place where writers and friends share woes or hugs.
Welcome to mine!

I've been falling in and out of writerly habits, it's been crazy. One thing that keeps jumping back at me is my website. I created one back in 2011 using Weebly. I've listed the books I was working on, the books I've published, events, biography, writing tips ... but I'm just not happy with the layout. I'm not fond of my hosting site anymore--I've always found the drag-and-drop for my pages cumbersome.

My writing is all over the place: I write historical, contemporary, realistic, YA, fantasy, children's, paranormal. What theme should I use for my website's appearance? Something neutral?

Honestly, I've been mulling over how to share my qualms with you for the past year already! Talk about insecure, right?

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I'd love to know your thoughts on what an author website should have. What should it not have? What do you think about keeping it simple? I've seen where authors have everything under the sun.

Also, which web builder do you prefer? Why? How did you find yourself where you are with your website if you have one? Thank you for your insight!