Saturday, February 18, 2012

#FREE #Darkspell all weekend. How? Read on!

 Growing up in an abusive home wasn't easy for me--I hated myself and wished for darker things. I found hope and became strong when I realized how loved I really am.

Please Share the Aware with Mybeauty-intensified for suicide prevention! All "likers" will get a FREE e-copy of Darkspell ALL weekend long, including President's Day!


  1. Hi Elizabeth, what a lovely post. The more I see the cover of Darkspell the more I like it.

  2. This is very timely, Elizabeth. A friend of our just committed suicide this week. Very sad:-( I appreciate the site recommendation.

  3. That is awesome! I'm not on Facebook but I will Tweet this for you.

  4. I liked it! and would love a free copy of Darkspell, which I will of course review when I get the chance to read it :)


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