Monday, February 17, 2020

A Mighty Fortress Anthology!

A Mighty Fortress Steampunk Anthology! The title alone left to the interpretation of 17 different authors. A walking temple gets away, women vanish, time-traveling, and more!

*My story, Eternal Round, is featured in this teaser with David West! 

Releases tomorrow. WhEeEeEeEeeeeee!

It's on pre-order right now Amazon.

*post has been updated

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

IWSG: NaNoWriMo no?

IWSG: a place where writers and friends share woes or hugs.
Welcome to mine!

Who's heard of a cowboy who doesn't like the outdoors? Or a swimmer who's afraid of water? What about a teacher who's scared of students? 

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Christopher Rusev on

I love my writerly friends. I love designing book covers and editing and brainstorming. I enjoy helping out my author friends and connecting with them. I adore writing as it's my only way of escapism in a home of homeschooled kids. I've been at it since I was in 4th grade (I'm 40 something), and have taken a creative class, and entered contests. It got serious in 2011 with my first published book. To this day, I have a few things out in the publishing industry--book covers, illustrations, and short stories. You can safely say that writing is in my blood. With this in mind, I feel like I'm blaspheming when I say this: I really don't like NaNo.

I tried it once and was excited to see that I can write 50k words within that timeframe. While I enjoyed challenging myself, the weight of pushing myself hard felt like a hard race against others and myself. I don't like boxing myself in. I'm a free-thinker when it comes to creativeness (you should have seen me in my high school art class when my classmates told me I was doing it all wrong when I started with the lips and not the eyes). I was like, "Excuse me? In my opinion, there should be no rules when it comes to making art, it's all heart!"

But I'm thinking that I could view NaNo differently--a time to bond with other writers, right?

What are your thoughts?